Light first dawned on Jamie Alimorad's prodigal artistry when he cut his teeth in Boston's underground music circuit. From those humble beginnings, Alimorad dedicated himself to honing his craft as a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. His time at Northeastern University proved invaluable, culminating in a Bachelor of Science in Music Technology gained from the institute. From there, Alimorad was launched into a steady—and growing—musical career.


It was at this moment that his music began trickling out from Boston's indie scene and out into the world at large. He independently released two albums (Cornerstone and Words Left Unsaid) that garnered enough success to warrant a bicoastal tour, taking him through cities such as New York, Nashville, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, establishing himself as a show to not be missed. In 2014, the music video for the Words Left Unsaid single "Beautiful" went viral, reaching over 2 million views on YouTube.


Alimorad is now gearing up for another hotly anticipated release, teaming up with the legendary duo of Gino and Ross Vannelli to craft a collection of vocal-centric pop music. The album has more than its fair share of innovative twists and turns fueled by Jamie's effusive passion towards various genres, marrying elements of rock, funk, jazz, country, and folk.


The album he's crafted with the Vannelli’s comes across as a coming-of-age story. The tales woven here show him finally emerging from his cocoon and fully stretching his wings as a songwriter, musician, and singer. Having matured as an artist, diving headfirst into a fully realized musical vision, Alimorad stands at the dawn of a new age in music.

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